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Smileys Wedding Photo

Truly our best option, our popular Photo & Video Combo When we’re directing both the photography and videography,  we’re able to harmonise our movements and shots. Capturing all the details, the moments, and the emotions as they unfold in a candid and journalistic style. The resulting images speak for themselves and will be cherished by your family for generations.
It makes so much sense to have a photographer and videographer who work well together. We never get in each others way, and we know exactly where to be to get the perfect shot. We have worked together for the past 9 years and we look forward to bringing our experience to your wedding day.

For pricing simply add the already low prices of each package together.
For example the Video Gold Package $2000 + the Photography Diamond Package $2000                                 =$4000
A 20 percent deposit is required to save the date and confirm your booking.
Thank you,
Thomas and Aimee Smiley